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74 thoughts on “Your Feedback Goes Here!

  1. Just had the most awesome hour of my life. Had a double with Maddison. Maddison has the hottest little body and a great bj mouth. As for Morgan I could just be with her old school making out for the entire hour she is just so passionate. Left feeling better than I have in a long time. Thank you ladies. Enjoy the pressies.

  2. Hi,
    Just wondering what nights/times Danni works as I am eager to meet her. I’m 20 and always wanted an older woman to have fun with and by the sounds of things she my type of gal :).

  3. Hi guys, thought l would visit Cougars at Riverwood and boy what an experience…Met Mary for half an hour and what a great f#ck, she was great with her hands and tongue……I had such a great shag that 3 hours later l came back and saw Michelle, omg what a horny woman with a great rack. she went off and so did l….Cougars for me, already looking forward to my next visit.

  4. Hi All, just had a great 30 mins with Maddison. What a very sexy lady. When she asked to check me out and then wiped off her lippy before she undressed l knew l was going to be in for a very passionate shag. Great BJ and and kisses and cuddles all round..Highly recommended.

  5. Wow is all I can say, l visited Cougartown a couple of days ago and met Jocelyn for half an hour and boy what an experience. So passionate and giving in the room, a great natural bj and she gave me her all. A true milf. I recommend her to all the guys out there. The thing is however all the girls here are great. Looking forward to my next visit.

  6. Today I had the pleasure of a double with Sylvanna and Alex. The ladies were just brilliant – lots of fun, georgeous, and very willing. Cougar Town is very clean and well furnished. Thanks for a really fun experience. Phil

  7. Tonight l visited Cougartown and had an amazing half hour with Candy. OMG what an experience. She was so passionate and giving. She gave as good as she got, she gave what a girlfriend would give. A ten out of ten effort. 🙂

  8. Hi all, l just love Cougartown as l think its the best , with amazing ladiies. On the website it says GFE and PSE describing some of the ladies. What does that mean??

  9. Hi…… i had a Goood time at Cougartown in Feb 1st time there and there was some nice awsome ladies there i couldnt choose there were alll sexy, il be there again soon and i can choose a nice sexy woman 😀 Rock ON!!!!!

  10. Hi… Is it possible to see photographs of Coco, Sophia and Simone?
    With current health commitments I can only visit you on Wednesday’s.
    I prefer to know which lady I wish to see before I arrive if possible, I always find choosing on the day awkward as I don’t like to offend other ladies when they are not chosen. Hope that makes sense. LOL Hoping for my first visit very soon.
    Sorry I can’t phone you at the moment due to my cold, ( hardly any voice) hope to visit you next week or the week after when I’m well.

    Hope to see some pics of Coco, Sophia and Simone soon or can I contact you (CT) via email? thanks

    • Hi,sorry to hear about your cold but currently the only way to get more info about the ladies or any other question you might have is by calling Cougar Town and talking to the receptionist. She will do her best to help you out.
      Regards Admin

  11. Hi; l just want to say that l enjoyed 30 minutes with Lee last Friday and what an experience. She was such a tease and so giving in every way, passionate and so hands on she among other things blew my mind. Highly recommended guys.

    • I have seen Lee, a few times and always left smiling. She has a way about her, from soft passion to raunchy posing porn star!. Leaves my thirst quenched but hungry for more.

  12. Hi l just want to say that l had a great time with Casey last week. She is a very passionate and hands on type of girl. She didn’t hold back and neither did I. A very passionate shag and guys on your next visit choose Casey, she wont dissapoint you. 🙂

  13. Afternoon,

    Had the privileged of spending half an hour with Brook yesterday, Wednesday 3rd June, 2015.

    Cougar Town is my choice as they appear to gather the best girls, and Brook is a stand out.

    The receptionist always lets me know the girls which kiss passionately, something I’d give up physicality to get. With Brook a great body, great service amazing attitude. Money well spent, told her I’d identify my comment with “toe sucking from the south”, highly recommend this lady to anybody.

    Seriously treat her as a Lady and you will feel like a Knight.

  14. Visited this place for the first time today. Saw Jamie; coincidentally her first shift at this place. Beautiful girl; tall, slim (with all the right curves) and a lovely personality. She knows how to make a guy feel good and have an amazing time. Would definitely visit her again if she continues to work here. CT please make sure you hire Jamie and update the days she work on the website :). Roy

      • Hi All

        I met Jamie in the intro as well but unfortunately she was booked and was going to be busy for some time. I didn’t get to see her that night but have just checked the website and she is on tonight.

        I have more than a strange feeling that in tonight I am heading to CT to meet up with the lovely Jamie.

        She looks stunning and lovely and well – what more can I say – Jamie – Im on my way now.

        I will post a review when I get back – the way I’m feeling I somehow don’t think 30 or 60 minutes will be long enough.

  15. Had a fun time with Simone this morning.. a very sexy lady. I told her she reminded me of a hot movie actress but could not think of the name to now. She reminds me of the sexy Claudia Black from Stargate SG-1. 🙂

  16. Ive just had the pleasure of spending 30 minutes with Alex this afternoon and what an experience l had. She is quite a lady, passionate, sexy and what a figure. She is a true cougar and she made me feel special all over. Highly recommended guys 🙂

  17. Would it be possible for the whole weeks roster to be available on this website for download or viewing? It would make it much better for planning ones visit to see certain favourite ladies. I have been trying to plan my days to catch up with a few of my favourite ladies but so far without much luck. 🙂

  18. I visited Cougar Town for the first time last night and I saw Bailey. She was truly awesome and fantastic . She catered to my needs and made me feel good. The only lady I know that can belly dance and give you a BJ at the same time. It must be the ‘Lebo blood’ in here. Thanks Bailey, and the one thing that was obvious last night is that you can’t go wrong with a cougar.

  19. I love women, and two is even better.

    Lee and Beth,
    Had the pleasure, and I do mean pleasure of Lee and Beth together and was the best of both worlds with GFE and PSE mixed into one hot hour of cheeky fun and naughty affection. These two work well together and a real turn on in many ways.

    Reece and Lee.
    what a combo this pair make!. . Work commitments on my part and ladies roster meant I had to wait weeks to see them together. I thought my enthusiasm would wane but when I booked them for an hour (I extended) that Monday night my anticipation, -among other things, grew, and grew. Won’t go into details, this is a review forum not a porn site but hell that was fucking good.

  20. Sadly I read that your rates have gone up. This now rules me out as you have become too expensive. Being on a disability pension I use to just scrape by paying the $180 for 45 minutes now it’s $190? Sorry its just too much for me.
    My mate who originally told me about Cougar town agrees and said he will not be going there as often. Which is very sad all round… 🙁

      • Being on a disability pension and health issues aside ten bucks to me if I do not have it to spare is still ten bucks too much… and you question? … it is really any of your business ?

  21. Had the most amazing time with Lucy last week. A fabulous lady, one of the best in a room.

    Now planning a double with Lucy and Beth, looking forward to a time of absolute pleasure with these two fantastic girls.

  22. Had the pleasure of spending time with Mandy. Hot amazing and just a great lady to spend time with.
    Also had the pleasure of Lucy’s company. She is very sensual, passionate, hot and naughty.
    Amazing experiences in the place and looking forward to a double to tick off one from this years bucket list

  23. Hi all

    Wasn’t sure if CT would be open today – now I see that id definitely is and with a dam good line up as well. Seriously thinking that I should get up the energy and head over there. The dilemma who to see – Taylor, Helena, Jamie mmm any advice from anyone out there will be greatly welcomed

  24. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, but there are two lovely lady I had the best time with.
    I really hope to see you girls again soon..

    One and only place to go! 🙂

  25. hmmm i must make the trip to CougarTown in coming weeks haven,t been there for awhile hopefully il be able to meet a lovely woman ;-D ….

  26. Today I had the perfect hour with Claire. Not only beautiful but talented as well. A good listener, a great head job and a fantastic fuck. I love your accent.
    I will make a monthly visit from now on.
    Bye Lover

  27. Met sally the second time more than a week back..she is really great…this makes me check the roster page almost every day to see when she is in….:))…w8ing

    • Hey Surge,
      Laura is on holidays currently, I’m not exactly sure of her return date but it won’t be for at least the next fortnight when I know more I’ll let you know.

  28. Hi Kelly
    I had the total pleasure of meeting Charlotte last time I was over from NZ in July. She made the trip over the Tasman truly memorable! She is gorgeous, mad sexy fun and makes you feel the like the centre of her attention the whole time. Im back over next week and was wondering if she will be rostered on either Friday 30th or Saturday 1st October.
    Here’s hoping

    • Evening Mark,
      I’m pleased to let you know Charlotte will be rostered on Friday 30th 6pm onwards.
      Charlotte will look forward to catching up with you again, if you want to secure a time just give up a call.

  29. First visit to Cougartown. Will definitely be back.

    My hour with Monique was amazing. She is beautiful, sexy, and made me feel very very comfortable.

    I cannot recommend this Danish goddess enough. I intend to book her every trip to Sydney from here on.

    Thank you Belinda for making my initial entry routine comfortable and pleasant.

    Thank Monique for the amazing, sexual experience.

  30. Maiden Voyage to this establishment.
    Re: Sylvanna.
    Walked in on Tuesday 11th Oct. I rarely visit establishments but hey, the curiosity was there after reading all the reviews. Was about noon , so i was kicking back very relaxed in the lounge waiting to the ladies. Maybe too relaxed. Seemed like all ladies were available because they ( 7 or 8 ) kept streaming into the waiting room introducing themselves, some ore enthusiastically than others but i guess that’s the human race for you .
    Great mix of ladies, all heights and body types, some very sexy lingerie, blondes brunettes, all manner of breast shapes n sizes etc etc however it was Sylvanna who sparked my interest. So off we went for an hour booking. Great size room and facilities, complimentary drinks which was a nice touch.
    Now, Sylvanna is quite the hotty, tight, curvy and toned body that’s worthy of deep exploration. A sexy as hell smile with a wicked and mischievous look in her eyes that she backs up with her actions. Very cool lady to chat with and seems genuinely interested to get to know you to a degree.
    Very skilled in the art of eroticism, has a very sensual touch and sexual prowess to boot. Treat her well and you may get a peek at those devilish horns that pop up out of her head.
    I’ll be watching the roster closely for this little devil. Better sooner than later.
    Thank you Sylvanna.
    Cheers till next time. 😉

  31. Have been a couple of times and totally enjoyed the experience
    Hooked up with Joanna (who visits once or twice a month I have since found out)the first time and a double with her again and Joclyn, what an time they were both enthusiastic and well skilled in the art of pleasure
    Joanna is exceptional curves in the right places ,natural breasts and very skilled in all she does
    Can’t wait to get back
    Thanks again girls

  32. Well another visit and with Sasha
    I arrived and had the pick of some really horny ladies,not easy I can tell you
    Sasha came out and she was the girl for me
    I booked her for an hour and thoroughly enjoyed the chat,smiles and the girl friend experience o much so I had to extend
    Sasha is vibrant, sexy and a treat to be with
    Until next time

  33. Can someone plz tell me when the delightfull hot Yasmin is on she doesn’t seem to have been in the roster ! I seen her a few weeks ago she’s so full of energy she rode me to exhaustion but I loved every min of it and her GFE is on point and her body and face is to die for she should be a model ,.. I need more the craving is real

  34. Saw the fantastic Yasmin tonight a few of my mates raved on about her … they definitely on the money what a service , she’s sexy , striking and gives the best blow job I think I have ever had , she’s also very bubbly and loves to have a laugh and my favourite she squirts …………. I think I made her go a few times she was loving it when is she next on ?? Is there a place where I can look at the roster in advance thank you Alex

    • The roster goes up daily but if you want to know in advance I would suggest ringing on Mondays and the receptionist can let you know when Yasmin is available for that week.
      Thanks for the feedback Alex.

  35. What are the tallest ladies working at Cougar town right now? Please provide their details!
    Can you set up a twitter account for daily roster and photos, it would be so much easier. I was a regular before just got tired of calling for info.
    What day and time do Alyse usually work? is she really from sweden? Cheers

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