Photo’s & Reviews of Bailey

Bailey is a Lebanese temptation with curves in all the right places ( she has a Lebanese tisse ‘bum’, That’s for Sure!). A service that is full of teasing and ultimate pleasure that will make you think about it for the next week. Her service is like no other!

Just come in and let Bailey take you to places you have only dreamed of before. she love to spice things up and is only more than happy to share you with another girl in the room if you wish to choose. The more, the more pleasure!



22 thoughts on “Photo’s & Reviews of Bailey

  1. I went in once n got hooked.
    She is a machine.
    Mates have been bragging about her and her B J’s.
    She has an amazing body and knows how to use it. Every visit has been different.
    What can you say about a chick who can do a strip tease and suck cock at the same time.
    I’ll be back

  2. i have been a regular visitor to your establishment and I was hooked when I saw this beautiful sexy lady. Bailey just knows how to please her man. Every time I’ve been in to see her, it just gets better each time. Will be back soon.

  3. Not sure if it’s customary to leave a review but I just had to write a few words.

    As a first time caller, I’m so pleased that I chose Bailey, to be the lady, to break my virginity at Cougartiown 😉

    Her attentiveness would have shamed the most geisha of geishas. The contorted face she pulled in order to surpress her orgasm, so she didn’t climax before I did, was sooooo DAMN cute, it has left an impression that will linger in memory for quite some time!

  4. Bailey is one awesome lady, whose amazing blowjob will leave you floating in heaven and her sexy service will make you crave for more..look forward to my next visit..

  5. Recently visited your establishment and I saw Bailey. All I can say is that her service is like no other. From her mind blowing french to the hot sex, she is one awesome lady..She just left me wanting more of her..well worth the experience..thanks Bailey!!!

  6. Well what can I say, Bailey is the best. She will leave you floating in heaven.
    This lady provides the best service, that’s why I keep cuming back..
    See you soon..

  7. Hi, I’m cougar lover hoping to visit your establishment soon. Around what age is Bailey?? I love what I’m hearing and would love to try

    • Hello, Bailey looks like she’s in her mid 30’s. Not 100% sure. Give CT a quick call on (02) 9584 0148 OR 9584 0146, the receptionist will ask her.
      Regards Admin

  8. Just made an account so I can comment on how amazing bailey was. A real firecracker. Words cannot describe my experience. I will be coming back for more

  9. have to review again. i can not emphasize how amazing bailey is. an unreal experience which makes me beg for more. she has now established a regular customer in me.

    • Hi, there are photos of Courtney up. About the other ladies: mention it to the receptionist or lady next time you visit or phone. Not all the girls like their photos on the web. However, when there are lots of requests they might re-consider.


  10. I have seen Bailey twice, and I/m dreaming of the third and fourth and fifth visits … she is absolutely the most amazing lady. Sexy as hell, and fun as well. She made me feel like the most important and hottest bloke in the world. I will be back.

  11. I have never ever wanted to get married but I considered it when she was on the end of my ‘old mate’ ha.
    She danced very sexy around the room whilst lightly touching herself and still pleasing me. I would have been satisfied with just her sexy strip tease but she absolutely blew my mind with the way she spoiled me in bed.
    I recommend getting her to bend over in front of the mirror so you can see her stunning face and incredible arse whilst she pleases you.
    I was looking forward to seeing her last night but looks like I have to wait

  12. one HECTIC BITCH
    seriously man she is ONE OF A KIND.
    she is funny as all shit and she definatley changed the mood i was in.
    i wasnt happy with having to wait longer than usual so i recommend calling and making a booking for her to avoid waiting for her for ages with a hard on.
    when she finally got me in the room she looked stunning as usual. she always makes me feel special and always spoils me mentally and physically and always teases me she knows just what i like and were.
    i love the weight she has put on her new HUGE TITTS suit her and are mad for spanish (ask her for her speciality) she sure as hell knows how to use them to please you. Sick bitch, i love it.
    if you are a titts and arse guy like i am i highly recomend seeing her youll deinatley have her take a load off.

  13. Outstanding company easy to get along with a bubbly personality and a highest of service and award winning skills, couldn’t get over how good she sux my cock it truly would have been the best I’ve ever had to date will definitely repeat a visit with the gorgeous Bailey.

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